What Are The Common Methods To Transport A Horse?

What Are The Common Methods To Transport A Horse?

A horse owner may need to ship their horse for a variety of reasons such as moving it to a vet, to a show, or a new stable. There are different methods of horse transportation available that come with their disadvantages and advantages. This article will tell you easy and stress-free ways to transport a horse.

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About a Horse Trailer

This is the most popular and commonest method to transport horses between different regions. To transport your horse using this method, it is important to have a powerful tow car to load and unload the horse.

This is the ideal method for horse owners who wish to move their horses regularly. It will save them a good amount of money than having to rent one.


This is another method that looks similar to a horse trailer in regards to the operation. This type of horse shipping method is found to be efficient in moving several horses along with their equipment.

People generally prefer this method over a horse trailer as it is convenient to drive and park than a horse trailer. Horseboxes also have a separate equipment room, tack, and living quarters for riders. This is the best option for those who want to ship their horses frequently to shows.

Professional Haulers

Some people prefer to take the support of a professional horse hauler to move their horse from one place to another. This transportation method is ideal when a horse owner plans to make only occasional long-distance journeys. In that way, it proves to be an affordable manner to move a horse.

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Important Things To Consider When Shipping A Horse

Horses can be cautious about traveling and loading. A horse owner should aim to provide a good experience to their horse in the lorry and easily overcome his worries. Here are a few important things that a horse owner needs to consider when moving a horse between distances.

  • Park up the trailer and vehicle on the levelled ground with the ramp down.
  • Ensure that there are no obstacles present in the trailer.
  • It is important to choose a decluttered and spacious horse trailer to make transportation easier.
  • When loading the horse into the trailer, ensure that you don’t step in front of him. You will need to speak softly to the horse and motivate him to get into the trailer.
  • Loading a horse into the trailer can be a worrisome job for experts. Ensure that the horse himself decides to load himself to the trailer. Do not force him to get into the trailer. Let him know that a horse’s movement on the ramp is completely safe.


Horse transportation methods are remarkable for moving a horse across a considerable distance. Based on the horse owner’s needs and the horse’s convenience, you can choose the best method from them.


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